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BestApp.com takes a new and fresh look at apps and the app industry. As the industry is focusing more and more on revenue, the selling of your information, the placement of ads, and how they can extract the most from you, we want to turn this around and guide consumers on what apps can extract the most FOR you. Our site is designed to allow all app users to compare and find the best apps on the market. Whether it’s a tree identification app or a streaming app, we review them all and tell you which ones you can get the most out of.

Our Mission


Thousands of apps, only a few good ones

Our goal is to help you skip the process of downloading useless app after useless app in order to find the one that fits your needs. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the research and tested even the bad apps and reviewed them based on our strict methodology. The end results are carefully curated lists of apps that will help you find the apps you need to live a more convenient and productive life.


Optimizing your life

We want to help you optimize your life by choosing the right apps that will do that. Many apps have many empty promises. Our goal is to help you find the apps that fulfill their promises and helps you optimize your life. From helping you keep your finances up to date to helping you meet your dietary goals by helping you track your consumption, apps are a great way to ensure you hit your life’s goals.

The App Testing Team

Our app testing team looks at every app possible on both iOS and Android within the app category we’re reviewing. We download and conduct hands-on, normal use case testing to ensure that apps are the doing the things app developers say their apps do. In addition to our hands on testing, we scour the internet for reviews of these apps from enthusiasts and take into consideration the opinions of those that use them the most into our reviews.

Meet our Expert

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    Jude Lee App Developer, Software Architect | LinkedIn
    Jude Lee App Developer, Software Architect | LinkedIn

    Jude has been coding and developing software for over a decade in various languages and technologies. He started coding in visual basics, and c# mainly focused on fintech and finance-related application development. Over the years, Jude has acquired full-stack development experience in all major languages such as javascript, python, java, c/c++, c#. He has served in senior management and leadership roles in various companies, private to Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. Jude currently operates his own software development company with other talented developers in his team. His in-depth knowledge of computer science and system networking comes from a passion he developed throughout his career and has since obtained various online certifications in modern computer science fundamentals and advanced app development curriculums. He currently focuses on developing modern enterprise applications, especially in progressive web and mobile applications, AI-integrated business intelligence, automation, and blockchain technologies. His recent portfolio and significant projects include stacks in react/redux/next/node.js, python/ask/django, c#/.NET, c/c++ interfacing with various PaaS, server, AI platforms from IBM, AWS, GCP, and Azure. He has worked with over 300 companies in different industries, including real estate, finance, public safety, telecommunication, e-commerce, fintech, medical, government, and other SaaS services. He currently serves as a board member and interim chief technology officer in several established private tech companies.


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